Here Comes a New Challenger

The Next Collegiate League (NCL) was established in 2022 as a governing body in the collegiate sports marketplace.  Our goal is to compete with the NCAA as we feature a non-traditional approach to promoting and marketing the many college athletes and stories that don’t reach the mainstream. Our initial offering is a testing and training ground for the next generation of lacrosse players, and the sport itself. The NCL 6v6 brand showcases the sixes discipline of lacrosse that will make its debut on the global stage during the 2028 Olympics.


Our goal with the NCL branding was to create a bold seal that alludes to the idea of fast-paced, action packed sports. Kentetic lines were used to show forward movement, whilst bold Italic lettering soldifies the concept of action.      

Using my expertise as a designer and illustrator, I work to position our brand as a unique, foward-thinking juggernaunt in collegiate sports.  The flyer designs listed below are examples of the work that i’ve done to help achieve this goal.  I also get the opportunity to work at a photographer, using my camera to capture the intense action duing game day.

Social Media Promotion