Eccalon Rebranding

In 2018 I was sought out to begin working with a company called Eccalon. They are headquartered in Hanover, MD and work in the aerospace and defense industry.

One goal during the redesign of the brand was to create a mark that would stand out amongst direct competitors like McKinsey & Co. and Lockheed Martin. The company mantra is "Advancing Innovation" so it was important for the logo to speak to that idea.

I was able to lead the design team in creating a mark that appeals to Eccalon's tech niche as It's linear format and sharp edges help to define its "cutting edge" style. I created the custom typeface in a wide format to give the logo presence while being displayed along side it's competitors. It also features a red arrow at the center, which is another way of eluding to the company’s mission of advancing innovation.

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